Key info

The Landlord Offer gives you all the information you need to help you make your decision.

You can download it here:

The Landlord Offer tells you about:

  • What the new neighbourhood, community centre and public spaces will be like
  • How the new neighbourhood will be safer and more secure
  • What your new home will be like and how you can make it your own
  • Money matters
  • How we will support you
  • What the landlord offer is for each tenancy type
  • About the ballot, how to vote and what happens after the ballot


Difficulty reading this website or the Landlord Offer document? If you have any questions about the Landlord Offer, if English is not your first language and you need help with translations, or you have a specific question about the regeneration, you can contact us at or FREEPHONE 0800 304 7633.

The ballot (vote) and who can vote

The ballot will be run independently by Civica Election Services (CES), (formerly known as the Electoral Reform Society). It will run from 24 February until 18 March 2020 and is open to eligible residents of the estate only. Voting eligibility is set out by the Greater London Authority (GLA) as follows.

  • Current social tenants (council or housing association) with secure, assured or introductory tenancies.
  • Named leaseholders or freeholders who have lived in their home for 12 months.
  • Other residents, living on the Cambridge Road Estate who have been named applicants on the housing register for 12 months.

Different ways to vote

More information about voting

If your ballot paper doesn’t arrive, or if you would like more information about voting, you can call CES on 020 8889 9203 or make an enquiry online at

The result of the ballot

CES will post an official confirmation letter to announce the result approximately one week after the close of voting on 18 March 2020.

Resident Steering Group ( RSG )

We have been working with residents of Cambridge Road Estate (CRE) at every step of the way to shape the regeneration plans for new homes and a new neighbourhood.

The Resident Steering Group (RSG) was established to ensure:

  • meaningful consultation takes place between the Council and CRE residents
  • effective participation in decision-making
  • representation of residents’ interests.

The group meets once a month and is made up of CRE residents; the three chairs of CREst, CRERA and One Norbiton; and the three Norbiton ward councillors.

The RSG has worked with the Council to select our Joint Venture partner for the regeneration, Countryside Properties (UK) Ltd, and were involved in the recruitment of the Independent Advisor, PPCR, who provide support to residents on all aspects of the regeneration plans. They also provide invaluable feedback to help shape the masterplan, communications and engagement events.

Currently, the group is involved in shaping the Strategic Design Brief (a document which guides the regeneration programme) and forthcoming Landlord Offer. The Landlord Offer is a document which will provide CRE residents with the information they require to make an informed decision about whether regeneration is right for them.

If you are interested in joining or would like to find out a bit more, please do get in touch with the team who would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about RSG.

You can find out what our Resident Steering Group has been discussing by clicking on the links shown below and reading the minutes from the last few meetings.